Esra bilgic (haleema Sultan)
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Esra bilgic is a Turkish actress, born on 14 Oct 1992  and she is 27 years old beautiful woman.  her height is 1.78m. Her nationality is Turkish, and she graduated from Bilkent University and Hacettepe University. her occupation is actress, model. She was born and raisin Ankara, turkey, and has a turkey family background.

Esra bilgic


Esra bilgic got married on 21 Oct 2017, and after some family crises, she divorced on 17 June 2019. she also has a  brother, Ali bilgic, and is seems that they are quite close to her.

Awards she won:

In 2014 she won Antalya TV Awards in best female actress in the series category,  In 2015 she won s Sosyal Farkindalik Odulleri in the best female actress in the series category, in 2015 she won 18. Sadri alisik theater and cinema awards in best female actress category, 2015 she won Anadolu Media odulleri in the best actress of the series category, in 2016 she won Turkiye Genclik Odulleri in best female actress category.

Esra bilgic

Fame in Pakistan :

After the conquest of Ertgrul ghazi, when he became fluent in Urdu language, Esra bilgic became known as Haleema sultan in Pakistan . after the release of Diriliş: Ertuğrul in Pakistan,  Esra won the hearts of all Pakistani people.

Carrier :

She is a Turkish model, actress she performs her role as haleema sultan in Diriliş: Ertuğrul in the h. her words about  Pakistan gave her so much love that she did not get from turkey may be.

Historical adventure television series from 2014 to 2018  m, and now she is currently leading actress in crime drama series Ramo. Esra also participated in Bir Umut Yeter, and recently she was asked to lead role in the film Adnais Kutsal Kavga .

Esra bilgic

Her hobbies :

Every girl likes to do shopping, as she also likes shopping.  she likes swimming as well in her busy time she also manages her time for her hobbies. 

Esra bilgic waiting to meet fans in Pakistan:

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic has thanked her  Pakistani fans for their love and she was waiting excitedly to meet them in Pakistan. her words about  Pakistan gave her so much love that h she did not get it from turkey may be.

Esra bilgic

Love from Pakistan :

The role of haleema sultan, the wife of ertgrul in the historic drama that has won the hearts of millions of Pakistani fans with her outstanding performance.

Followers on social media:

She has millions of followers on social media. before her drama Diriliş: Ertuğrul Gazi she was only famous in turkey but when this drama is dubbed in so many other languages her fame I touch the peak and her social media followers increases day by day, minute by minute, and second by second.

Struggle time :

Every successful person has a very difficult time in their life to achieve goals, to fulfill their wishes. similarly, Esra has had a difficult time in her life but she says that her family is very supportive and stands with her in her every difficult time.

Esra bilgic husband:

Gokhan Tore is her husband. he is a footballer, born in 1992. he is a professional footballer who plays like a winner of the super league. He has been capped over 20 times for turkey since making his debut in 2011.

Tore has a member of the turkey national team at several ages since 2007. In 2008, he was part of the national team squad at UEFA.

Esra bilgic

Showbiz career :

She started her showbiz career from 2014 with historical drama serial which is made on true Islamic history of Turk Muslim hero Diriliş: Ertuğrul. Esra bilgic has played the character of the haleem sultan in Ertudrul Gazi very beautifully. haleema sultan was not only a beautiful princess but a grave lady who always stood with her husband through thick and thin.

Esra bilgic

Ertugrul gazi:

Diriliş: Ertuğrul is broadcasted on the national television of Pakistan after orders of PM Imran khan . it was the most successful Turkish drama serial .

Article by: Pakiza Azam Khan


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