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Motu Patlu is Indian series of cartoon based on true friendship between Moto and Patlo. This series is published on youtube channel named Wow Kidz. In this series, representation of character Motu is beautiful, you can’t resist this series once you started watching single episode. This series in famous in Pakistan too. There is a big fan following of these two characters. There are some other characters in this series which includes John, Chingum, Ghasita Ram, Moto and Patlo. Voice behind the fictional character patlu is Darren Capozzi. Voice behind motu is Saurav Chakraborty.

Motu Patlu

This series contain list of episodes full of entertainment. Motu is considered as a bit foolish in this series but when he eats SAMOSA, he get some extra powers in it and he became supernatural. Patlu is clever but he doesn’t have any powers like moto.

Followings are some of amazing episodes of Motu Patlu.

Motu Patlu

Wow Kidz

Basically Wow Kidz is a series of youtube channels that contain cartoons in different languages, for examples Wow kidz Indonesia, Wow kids Espanol, Wow kidz Jr, Wow Kidz Teen and many more. Wow Kidz upload many other cartoon series which includes Chacha Bhatija, the Smurf, Bablu Dablu and many more but Motu Patlu and Bablu Dablu are their most famous series. Most popular video of their channel got 83 million views, which is episode of Bablu Dablu.

Famous Series of Wow Kidz are ;

Bablu Dablu

Chacha Bhatija


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