Sasha Obama with her father Barack obama

Natasha Obama is the daughter of one of very famous president Barack Obama, 44th president of United States. she was born in 2001 in Chicago, United States of America. Her full name is Natasha Obama but her nickname is Sasha Obama and she is mostly known by her nickname.

Family background of Sasha Obama

She was the Daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, she one sibling Malia Ana Obama, she was born in 1998.

Grand Parents from father (Barack Obama)

Grand Mother :- Anna Dunham

Grand Father :- Barack Obama Sr.

Grand Parents from Mother (Michelle Obama)

Grand Mother: Marian Shields Robinson

Grand Father:Fraser C. Robinson III

“I was strolling by pushing a vacuum and she exited directly before me,” said Zach Lassen, a third-year movie understudy from Redford. “I stated, ‘Reason me.’ It was a packed foyer with her and some Secret Service fellows.”

Gotten some information about her nearby, he said a few people he worked with were slightly irritated with the additional security.

Be that as it may, Lassen included: “It’s entirely cool.”

Another understudy, an 18-year-old green bean from Southfield who declined to be named, said Wednesday she saw Obama during her understudy direction.

The lady, who was in UM’s Summer Bridge Scholars Program at that point, said she saw Obama close to the college’s undergrad library.

She said they have common companions and said she’s only “a typical understudy to me.”


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