Overpopulation (global crises)
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Overpopulation is a  global problem. It is an undesirable condition that affects the whole world. It is a condition in which the human system becomes too much and the number of existing humans exceeds the carrying capacity of the earth which badly affects the world and the other living creatures on the world. It is likely that by the year 2050, the world’s population becomes double.

In this way, the whole system of the world becomes disturbed .and just because of overpopulation many other living organisms’ habitat becomes destroyed.

Effects of over population:

Over population has a very bad effect on our society.

Effect on human health:

Because of this, many children are born with disabilities because they do not get the same amount of food they need. These disabilities not only affect the world’s population, but also affects the economy of the country because the money that spent on the treatment of these children would be the basis of the loss.

Burden on country’s economy:

More resources are needs to fulfilling the needs of peoples. so peoples are cleaning forests to meet their needs. Deforestation is harmful not only to animals, birds, or insects but also to humans.

Population increase pollution:

Overpopulation plays the worst role in environmental pollution. Widespread bacterial and viral diseases. By the deforestation, the habitat of living organisms disturbed as well as the pollution in the environment also increases because plants and trees play an important role in the reduction of pollution.  

Difficulties in economical conditions :

The government of a country faces many economical difficulties and a huge burden is upon the management of a country to fulfill the needs of poor peoples. A poor country with more population cannot properly fulfill the needs of poor peoples, that’s why the country becomes the poorest.

Jobs opportunities :

Overpopulation causes more competition for employment. It causes an increase in unemployment which gives birth to many more social evils.

Causes of overpopulation:

Migration to urban areas:

Currently, over half the global population lives in cities of more than 300,000 inhabitants and which are expected to continuing growing until they reach 70% of the population.

Poverty :

Because of poverty, many people cannot educate their children that’s why they couldn’t realize that how much population growth lose the country’s development

Decreased mortality:

Because of the improvement in medical technology, many diseases will be cured .by which the mortality rate becomes less .o on the one hand, the less death rate is good but on the other hand, it becomes harmful for the environment and economy of the country as well because if there is less death rate, higher will be the population rate.

Lake of water:

Overpopulation creates greater demand in the world’s freshwater supplies. As only 1% of the water of the world is fresh


 Overpopulation harms the world by the extinction of many wild animals. the disturbance caused in their natural habitat by fulfilling the needs of humans.

Climate change:

Overpopulation directly correlates to climate, particularly as larger nations. Due to overpopulation, there will be an increase in the earth’s temperature which is harmful to the many marines and forest habitat.

Global warming:

As the name denotes that the rise in the temperature in the earth’s atmosphere, by which the many animals, birds, and reptiles being died and cause a higher rate of extinction.

How to control overpopulation:

Educate your generation:

We must have to educate our generation and let them know that what is good for us and our country and what is bad.

Governmental steps :

The government has to pas some laws against it. By this step, awareness will be created in peoples, in this way this problem will be solved soon.

Important information:

  • In terms of population, China is the world’s first largest populated country.
  • In 2019 the world population is about 7,577,130,400 people` on the earth.
  • It is estimated that in the year 2050, the world’s population becomes out of control which badly burdens the world.

Article By Pakiza Azam Khan


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