Nightmare from shaytan
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Nightmare, it is called an Arabic حلم and evil dream in English we call it a nightmare and these types of Dreams are from Shaitaan and the sign of this dream is that it terrifies you. You see something evil something disgusting you see your loved one die a miserable death you see yourself in a car accident you see yourself being chased by evil aliens or beasts or something like this this type of dream is just the shayateen wanting to irritate you they’re playing a joke a practical joke on you.

And these types of dreams are never ever ever true nobody should believe this dream nobody should believe nightmares and our Prophet SAW said I’m said that nightmares should not be told to anybody if you see an evil dream don’t go tell other people about it why because Shaytan is making a fool of you once a man came to the process and he said o Messenger of Allah I saw my head got cut off in the dream and it was rolling like a ball and I’m running after it to pick it up the Prophet SAW said him said don’t tell other people how Shaitaan played with you last night don’t go tell other people this he’s laughing now when you go tell him because you believe this dream what is the sign of this type of dream you wake up terrified.

You wake up in a sweat wake up in the middle of night what was that what did I see this is the sign this is from Shape on Shaitaan does not know the future so if you see yourself in a car accident and the next morning you call and say I’m not gonna go to work cuz I don’t want to drive Shaitaan is the one laughing at you Shaitaan is the one laughing at you cause you believed him the nightmares you have to reject them because there is no truth not an element of truth in them zero and if you follow it and believe it Shaitaan is the one who will be the winner a nightmare the Prophet SAW said I’m said if you wake up with that type of nightmare you seek refuge in Shaitaan say “audhu billahi min ash-shaytaan-i’r rajeem (أعوذُ بِٱللَّهِ مِنَ ٱلشَّيۡطَٰنِ ٱلرَّجِيمِ)” and you’re allowed to spit on the left-hand side as you do this and the spit that the processing talked about is a spit where the noise is made but nothing comes out like that it’s called nebith a noise is made but no spit actually comes out.

And that is to expel Shaitaan from you and say you do belie min ash-shaytaan-i’r rajeem and also the process and I’m said whatever side you’re on turn to the other side why because Shaitaan while he’s teasing you he is around you or sitting on you so when you say I would appeal and you turn around he has to flee and run away and the Prophet SAS on him said if it’s really bad then even stand up and pray to Allah Kyle to seek refuge in Shaitaan and to establish that relationship with Allah whatever you do you don’t tell anybody not your loved ones not your spouse not your friends nobody these types of dreams you leave them also by the way dreams of a vulgar nature wet dreams these are also from Shaitaan now a man is not sinful or a woman is not sinful for having such dreams.

However as you all know the filth is when you wake up and you find that you have reached that state then you must perform an entire hustle that dream is from Shaitaan even though there’s no sin on you because you don’t control your dreams and that is why the prophets never have wet dreams none of the prophets can have wet dreams because this is from shape on this extreme vulgarity that it is natural I mean there’s no reason for us to feel guilty about this it is natural for a person to go through this and it is not something to feel any issue about but we should realize that this type of dream is coming from Shaitaan its Shaitaan, who will show us such images in our head and caused this to happen and then we wake up in the middle of this freezing cold weather and we have to go take a shower this this is not something that is coming from us or from Allah this is from Shaitaan so this is another type of film another type of evil dream once again we don’t tell people about it we don’t go tell anybody but if we wake up in that state obviously we have to do GHUSUL.


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