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Dubai: Some days an International pandemic hit the world named (Covid-19) coronavirus. At the starting of the Coronavirus, all countries are hit very badly by the virus. This virus started in china in December-2019. After some time when it comes to Dubai makes lockdown to fight corona-virus. During this lockdown, the UAE government announced to be staying home is the best policy these days. If anyone violates law and rule he/she will be charged highly.

How Coronavirus come to Dubai

There was no case of coronavirus in December or in the starting of 2020. the first case of coronavirus was reported on 15 Feb 2020. Dubai is one of the most popular areas for tourists and visitors. So, many families are visited from China to Dubai during these days, and also so many visitors come from other countries like visitors come from the United States of America was tested positive. According to UAE’s most authentic news website Gulf News. They said, on 15 Feb 2020 a Chinese family comes from Wuhan reported 1 family as infected with the coronavirus.

After this Chineses family Government of the United Arab Emirates announce some restrictions about coronavirus and citizens’ safety make some decisions about staying home.

Current Situation of Dubai

From the starting of May 2020. government of the United Arab Emirates started to ease lockdown in the United Arab Emirates. Everything is getting normal day by day. World know that Dubai is a country with very advance and genuine techniques to fight every single hurdle which comes in the path of its success.

Attached video shows the happiness of people, government ease the lockdown from (Naif, Deira)


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