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The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases worldwide crossed past the figure of 3 million on 27th April, as several European nations and a handful of US states start taking steps to reopen their shattered economies.

Children in Spain played outside for the first time in over several on Sunday, and Italy and New York laid out partial reopening plans as marked decreases in deaths from the global Coronavirus pandemic gave rise to new hopes.

One of the positive signs is that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to his Downing Street official residence, a month after he tested positive for the virus and later went into ICU.

To get through coronavirus lockdown, we need basic income ...
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In Germany, if you want to go out in public transport it’s compulsory for you to wear a mask and the same face-covering rules apply to most shops from this week.

The strictness of rules vary from state to state, for example, masks are not compulsory in shops in Berlin but are in Bavaria.

In South Korea they are using an active test-and-quarantine program, South Korea has so far managed to slow its outbreak without imposing any lockdown or bans. The government plans to announce a timeline for reopening schools no later than early May.

In the U.S the easing of lockdown is largely split along partisan political lines.

Governors in states including hard-hit New York and Michigan are keeping stay-at-home restrictions in place until at least mid-May, but officials in places such as Georgia, Oklahoma, and Alaska are already allowing certain businesses to reopen.

In Spain, which began easing one of the world’s tightest coronavirus lockdowns on Sunday, people will be allowed out for exercise and to take walks from 2nd, May.

Spain and France are to announce more detailed plans on Tuesday. France Prime Minister is going to unveil plans which will ease lockdown. Schools will reopen gradually.

As the cases and death rate in the world continues to increase, people all around the world are waiting as the scientists’ race to develop treatments and, eventually, a vaccine for the virus.

The World Health Organization warned that people who survive infection cannot be certain they will not be hit again by the respiratory disease.



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