Mansehra Tourism hub of Pakistan
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Mansehra is Tourism Hub of Pakistan, District Mansehra is situated in the Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. It is named after the Sikh Khalsa Army general Mahan Singh Mirpuri, who founded the city. It is considered as a tourism hub for people of Pakistan and also for foreigners.

Mansehra is filled with beautiful landscapes, high mountains, lush valley, and cultural diversity. It is small but is surrounded by beautiful valleys. Mansehra is situated between the High Mountains. You must have heard of beautiful places like Naran, Kaghan, Balakot, Siri, Shogran, Babusar, Pakhal, Darband, Oghi, and many more. All these areas are so beautiful and deserve a visit from you.

Mansehra Tourism Hub of Pakistan
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There are a number of things in Mansehra district which makes it unique from others it is famous for its beautiful places. One of the most beautiful places is Kaghan which is famous for its pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. There are many lakes in Mansehra district but the most prominent ones are Lake Saif ul Muluk, Lake Lulusar, Lake Dudipatsar. The area is surrounded by huge mountains tall trees and beautiful lakes. Mansehra is Tourism Hub of Pakistan like some where are islands and some where are mountains.

Mansehra Tourism Hub of Pakistan Lulu sar lake
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Most of the tourists only heard of Lake Saif ul Muluk and it is quite easily accessible from Naran. The other two lakes are quite far away from Lake Saif Ul Muluk. For Lake Dudipatsar you have to first reach Basel near Jhalkhad via Jeep then trekking of 6-8 hours to reach the place. It is only accessible during the Summer season. People with breathing problems should avoid going there.

Lake Lulusar is like 2-3 hours away from Naran via Jeep drive. You are going to find this lake alongside the road. And it is also accessible only in Summer.

Mansehra Tourism Hub of Pakistan
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The people of Mansehra speak a different language which includes Pushto, Gojri, Hindko, and Kashmiri. The majority of areas speak Hindko, Gojri, and Pushto whereas Urdu is understood throughout the district. A small majority of the population speaks Kashmiri and Kohistani mostly by the people who inhabited these areas to Manshera.

Mansehra is better developed than others in the province there is a proper transport system people from neighboring areas come here to go to other places basically it serves as a bridge from traveling to other areas.

Mansehra district has breathtaking beauty but unfortunately, it is located at a very vulnerable location which is prone to several natural disasters. The earthquake of 2005 destroyed the whole city of Balakot and thousands of people died in the disaster and after that, the natural disaster was floods of 2010 which also affected the city to a greater extent.

Mansehra is a gateway to the beautiful northern areas of Pakistan. It has played an important role in the development of tourism. Mansehra is a beautiful area and has very beautiful places around itself which are always eye-pleasing. Mansehra is the best destination to spend summer vacations.


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