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Coursera: Millions of people all around the world are unemployed due to coronavirus pandemic. While that’s an unfortunate part of our current reality, it isn’t all bad.

It has allowed the people to pick up a new hobby, relax with their favorite pastimes or spend some quality time with your family. For some, learning something new is a great way to pass the time.

On Friday, the e-learning platform Coursera announced that its 3,800-course catalog is now free to workers who are unemployed as a result of the pandemic. It’s a great way to start earning money towards a new degree, a professional certificate, or just to learn something interesting.

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Coursera is considered one of the largest platforms for online learning. Under its Workforce Recovery Initiative, Coursera is offering to over 3,800 courses in 400 different specializations. Once you complete the selected course you will be awarded official certificates. But before that, for you to enroll, your respective government agency has to apply for this program. And upon access being granted, you as an unemployed can enroll in any of the courses to learn.

According to a Coursera blog post, the main purpose of this program is to help unemployed people learn new skills to become re-employed.

According to Coursera’s website:

Coursera for Government is designed for government agencies to provide reskilling and upskilling programs for entire communities.

This new program by Coursera means that unemployed workers who are eligible can earn credit and certificates for their work without paying.

You can find courses of well-known universities all around the world such as the University of Virginia, Yale, Michigan, Imperial College of London, Duke University, etc.

Governments of state, central, local should apply for this program before September 30th, 2020, and those who have enrolled for any course have time up to the end of 2020 to complete.

Some of the US states like governments of Illinois, Arizona, and Oklahoma, and also governments of Colombia, Costa Rica, Greece, Malaysia, Panama, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan are going to be the first ones to enroll in this program.


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