World Health Organisation WHO warn Donald trump for upcoming danger which will hit USA very badly due to Covid-19.

WHO warn USA
Image: Twitter

WHO: The Director-General of the World Health Organisation WHO warn United States and said that the government of Donald Trump should reconsider the suspension of funding and focus on the ending of this pandemic and save lives.

There is a main International disaster in which cases are increasing day by day and it’s getting very dangerous, WHO Director also says most of the countries on their earlier stages of this epidemic and some are effected very earlier we should see the increasing number of cases.

We should make no mistake we have a very long way to go with coronavirus in this fight. This virus will be with us for a very long time, he also said we should leave other activities and make a solution for it as soon as possible.

Before a week United States President Mr.Donald Trump criticized the World health organization WHO’s handling of the coronavirus and announce that he was suspending funding to the United Nations Agency.

According to World Health Organisation (W.H.O) in December 2019 there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in China investigations found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus now named the 2019 novel coronavirus, about the virus, keep in mind that this is a new virus and what’s known about the virus now might change in the future coronaviruses are a large group of viruses they consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with protein spikes this gives it the appearance of a crown and Latin is called Corona and that’s how these viruses get their name there are different types of coronaviruses that cause respiratory and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms respiratory disease can range from the common cold to pneumonia and in most people the symptoms tend to be mild however there are some types of coronaviruses that can cause severe disease these include the severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-COV first identified in China.


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