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Fb has been working on improving its Messenger app at a rapid pace lately. Just recently, it got Facebook Pay integration, and before that speed and footprint improvements.

Facebook introduced a new chat app with the name of Messenger Kids at the end of 2017 which was aimed at helping kids. The new parent-approved app was essentially a kid-friendly version of its popular Messenger app.

It was basically developed to help children safely message friends and family members. The service was initially launched in the US and it soon made its way to Canada. But, now after nearly 2 years of its released, Facebook is finally rolling out Messenger Kids in more than 70+ countries.

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Messenger Kids will now be available on both iOS and Android in over 70 more countries, including Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Nepal, and many more. Here are all the new features included in the latest update for Messenger Kids:

Supervised Friending.

This new feature is introduced to replace the current setup in which kids weren’t able to add any new contacts, only allowing parents to do so.
This new feature is going to allow the kids to both send and accept contact requests. However, this will result in a notification to the parent, complete with the option to override a decision.

Kids Profiles

This new feature is going to make it easier for kids to find and connect with more friends on Messenger Kids by giving parents the option to make their kid’s name and profile photo visible.

This feature is only available in the US, Canada, and South America and will be soon rolled out for other countries.

Approved Adults

This feature is going to allow the parents to give specific individuals the option to add their children into groups. The purpose of this feature is clearly to help in gathering with teachers in virtual spaces.



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