Nova Scortia family
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Canada: Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemn the killing attack on death of 3 Nova Scotia family members and provide latest condition and update of corona virus in country, and what should we do in this situation.

He also condemn the death of families in Nova Scotia by shooting. In today’s conference Mr.Justin Trudeau say Canada have much power to compete this virus and we will fight against it.

For Jolene Oliver and Aaron Tuck, their real estate home toward the finish of a long twisting path in Portraiture, N.S., was a shelter.

Guests were uncommon. The entryways were never bolted.

The tree-fixed property was frequently loaded up with the enthusiastic murmur of their adolescent little girl Emily playing the violin.

Nova Scotia family killed
Image: Canada News

Oliver, who experienced childhood in Calgary, living off the network was another experience. For Tuck, the interesting house and the difficult work that accompanied it had consistently been home.

His dad had constructed it to be durable and independent, and they endeavored to keep up his inheritance.

In a meeting with CBC News on Monday, Jolene Oliver’s sister, Tammy Oliver-McCurdie, said each of the three relatives were discovered dead inside the home Sunday.

Jolene Oliver was 40 years of age. Aaron Tuck was 45. Emily Tuck was 17. They are among the survivors of one of the deadliest mass killings in Canadian history.

RCMP currently affirm at any rate 18 individuals, including a RCMP official, were murdered in the frenzy. The shooter was lethally shot by police who reacted to 911 calls about gunfire and sought after him through a few networks.


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