Lipiord family
Image: IWMB

The leopard in Islamabad was caught on camera by a gathering of men going in a vehicle in the evening time.

Leopard in Islamabad

The video proposes that the men were really searching for the leopard and appeared to know precise area where the creature may be found in the mountains.

Three Families of Leopard

There are probably 3 families of leopard in Islamabad Margalla Hills National Park. An ongoing camera trap picture shows a greater male leopard which had never been spotted close to the climbing hills. Leopards as well as wild creatures including fox, martins, porcupines, yapping deer, jackals and wild hogs among others have slid from the slopes, getting a charge out of relief from people and appear to investigate void spaces that were recently upset by trekkers and climbers.

Trending video of Leopards in Islamabad is basically from India Gujrat

A video is in trending that leopards in Islamabad enter in house and try to kill dog. But that video is from India Gujrat not from Pakistan Islamabad.

Habitats of leopards

These huge leopards can live in practically any kind of living space, including rainforests, deserts, forests, prairie savannas, timberlands, mountain living spaces, waterfront cleans, bush terrains and swampy regions. Actually, panthers live in a larger number of spots than some other enormous feline.

Now in these days Islamabad Margalla Hills give them best habitats to survive in Pakistan.


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