The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) suggested on Thursday that La Liga’s existing standings will determine which teams qualify for European competitions if the season has to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Real Sociedad are the teams currently in the top four of LaLiga and they have been suggested by Spanish FA to compete in the Champions League if the division fails to restart. While there will be little concern about the induction of the top two, the induction of Sevilla and Real Sociedad is sure to ignite the fury of Getafe and Atletico Madrid below them in the table.

[Source: Bleacher Report]

This plan hasn’t been yet approved by both La Liga and UEFA, with both governing bodies insisting they are still looking for ways to make sure that the domestic seasons are completed. Earlier this month, it was said by La Liga’s president Javier Tebas, that the League listed the end of May, the beginning of June and the end of June as potential times to resume the remaining fixtures. There are just 2 points separating the four sides, but it’s Getafe who’s going to have the most to complain about if they’re going to lose out to Sociedad without any further action on that term.


If the proposed scenario is applied then Getafe is going to miss out on their first-ever appearance in the Champions League on goals scored, due to having the same amount of points and goal difference than Sociedad.

RFEF said in a statement that:

The decision will be made, when requested by UEFA, according to the positions on the last day of the First Division when an equal number of games are played by the 20 teams. The top four at that time would go into the UEFA Champions League and the fifth and sixth-ranked, plus one of the two finalists of the Copa del Rey, to the UEFA Europa League, according to different circumstances that may occur.

La Liga was suspended in the middle of March to restrict the spread of coronavirus, which resulted in more than 19,000 confirmed deaths in Spain on Thursday.


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