Shiekh Hamdan

Recently due to coronavirus fear everyone is afraid but Shiekh Hamdan bin Mohammad tweet and say the United Arab Emirates is ready to face any situation regarding COVID-19.

Shiekh Hamdan: We have the potential to face any scenario of coronavirus. Obstructions and difficulties are two words that don’t exist in the UAE’s word reference. We put stock in trust and opportunity and we’re positive about our capacity to conquer the repercussions of COVID-19 through coordinated endeavors that will continue our walk to progress. Very soon UAE will win this fight against corona.

Shiekh Hamdan bin Muhammad very recently opens field hospital in Dubai World Trade center for coronavirus patients in which there is the capacity to control 3000+ patients at a time and also he opens quarantine cells in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The recovery rate in the United Arab Emirates is much better than the world, 38% of total cases are recovered till now.


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