Against violators

Dubai Police announced to stay at home if you caught outside without any special work government will charge fine against violators of traffic restrictions.

Dubai Police strictly announced to stay at home and do not come outside until its very essence, according to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) only way to fight with coronavirus is to stay home and avoid gathering.

on Monday evening, police watches in Dubai could be spotted requesting that individuals remain inside as a major aspect of reestablished measures to forestall the spread of Covid-19.

Dubai Police have mentioned general society to consent to guidelines by leading social separating, according to wellbeing and security experts in the UAE. It was clarified that Dubai Police would implement a zero resilience arrangement and violators would be culpable under the law on the off chance that they wouldn’t conform to the new measures.

According to World Health Organisation (W.H.O) in December 2019 there was a cluster of pneumonia cases in China investigations found that it was caused by a previously unknown virus now named the 2019 novel coronavirus, about the virus, keep in mind that this is a new virus and what’s known about the virus now might change in the future coronaviruses are a large group of viruses they consist of a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with protein spikes this gives it the appearance of a crown and Latin is called Corona and that’s how these viruses get their name there are different types of coronaviruses that cause respiratory and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms respiratory disease can range from the common cold to pneumonia and in most people the symptoms tend to be mild however there are some types of coronaviruses that can cause severe disease these include the severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS-COV first identified in China


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